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Luckily, I only get lizard skin, dry, rough and scaly – at this time of year. But if you’re prone to dry skin, it’s always an uphill struggle to properly moisturise and keep it supple. Who would have thought that a banana with a few easily found ingredients could transform rough and chapped into soft skin?

The top layer of skin is made up of dead skin cells, held together with natural oils (sebum). Usually, the natural oils help seal the moisture whiten the skin keeping it smooth and soft. But if there are not enough natural oils that protect the top layer, this means that if there’s not enough water, dry skin with all its side effects is the result.

Sometimes, even if you apply layers on top of layers of moisturisers, your skin still feels tight and dry – it just doesn’t respond to what you’re doing. In such cases, go bananas over bananas.

Why go bananas?

Nowadays, bananas are easily available everywhere. It’s a great-tasting snack and versatile fruit. You can eat it raw or cooked in different ways and it has many essential beauty benefits.

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Since it’s a great source of potassium and manganese, eating (and applying) a banana will make your skin soft and healthy. These minerals boost the collagen amount in your skin. If you’re into skin care, you probably have heard how important collagen is for youthful skin. This protein is what makes your skin firm.

Potassium also increases blood circulation in your body and to your skin. Enhanced blood flow to your skin means, better flow of oxygen and other nutrients to the skin cells. This helps repair dry and damages skin cells, improving your skin texture and your overall complexion. People with dry skin tend to have low levels of potassium

Bananas are also rich in vitamins including vitamin A, B, C, E. Vitamin A is often added as an ingredient to anti-ageing products. It improves skin cell turnover, fades dark spots, and heals dry withered skin.

The vitamin Bs present in bananas protect against free radical induced damage, regulate the skin’s melanin production, boost the healing process, and lastly improve its moisture-retaining capabilities.

Vitamin C has a slew of beauty benefits. It’s a powerful antioxidant and is key for collagen production.

Vitamin E is also an antioxidant. It supports healthy cell growth and plays a vital role in skin repair. It may also help reduce sun damage.

Bananas also contain amino acids. These are essential components for proteins such as collagen and elastin. They’re also a natural moisturising factor for your skin.

Not to mention zinc: This mineral is needed in a lot of cellular processes. It’s needed in cell division, cell growth, and wound healing – just to mention a few. As such, it plays an important role in skin health.

In short, the nutrient profile of bananas is ideal to hydrate and heal dry and damaged skin cells. The antioxidants protect from free radicals caused by the sun and pollution. The banana can even out skin tone and reduce the signs of ageing such as fine lines.

Making and applying a mask is an effective, readily available, and affordable way to instantly improve dry skin. Here are X recipes with 3 or fewer ingredients.

Honey, olive oil, and banana face pack

You need

  • 1 ripe banana
  • 1-2 tablespoon raw honey
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil

Mix all ingredients in a blender and apply the paste on your face and neck (or where you’ve got dry skin). Let it sit for 15 minutes then rinse with lukewarm water. Apply this mask once or twice a week.

Honey is a natural humectant, which means it draws moisture from your surroundings and seals it into the skin cells. Olive oil provides the fatty acids (omega 6 and omega 9) to heal dry skin. Olive oil also contains squalane which is very similar to the natural oils your skin produces.

Yogurt and banana face pack

You need

  • 1 ripe banana
  • 1-2 yogurt

Blend the banana and yogurt until you get a smooth paste. Apply the pack to your face and neck and leave on your 15 minutes. Then off with lukewarm water. Use this mask once or twice a week

By now, you might notice that I like yogurt as a natural skin care ingredient. For one, it provides moisture. Yogurt contains lactic acid, so it’s exfoliating and it tightens pores. It has a similar nutrient profile as banana and so boosts its effects.

Avocado, milk, and banana face pack

You need

  • 1 ripe banana
  • 1 tablespoon avocado pulp
  • 1 tablespoon milk

Add all ingredients into a blender and mix until you get a smooth paste. Apply the paste to your face and neck. Rinse off with fresh water after 20 minutes. You can use this mask once to twice a week.

Avocado also contains fatty acids, making it a great moisturiser for your skin. It contains vitamin A, E, and many other nutrients so that it will nourish and protect your skin. Milk has similar benefits to yogurt: It’s moisturising and slightly exfoliating.

Use a ripe banana in your DYI mask, the riper it is the more nutrients it contains. Also, bananas are not known to have any major side effects.

Bottom line

To alleviate and possibly prevent dry skin, you can try tips and tricks.

  • Choose mild soaps, shampoos, and detergents. Detergents are made to get rid of oil on your skin to wash off grime and dirt.
  • Take short showers or baths and use warm, not hot water.
  • After a shower, apply a cream or a lotion to your skin while it’s damp. This will help trap the moisture in your skin.
  • Minimise sun exposure, because it can further dry out your skin, sapping its supply of natural oils.

If you know more DYI recipes to remedy dry skin with bananas, tell us in the comments.

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