In a storm, the Korean skincare regimen has taken over the world. People are in awe of the flawless and silky skin of the Koreans. Depending on which magazine or blog you are reading, there are 10 up to 26 steps to follow so that you too can achieve skin like milk, the Korean ideal of the skin.

This many steps may sound drastic and time-consuming. It may, however, be important to remember that not every Korean will follow this exact routine on a daily basis, and some may skip steps according to their personal preferences or the seasons. This is like the known cleanse, tone, moisturize regiment that people will customize for their own needs. Also, know that the morning and night routine differ in the first step and last step. In the morning you will want to wash with only water and in the night you double cleanse. In the morning finish with a suncream and in the night with a night cream or sleeping pack.

So, of course, you don’t have to follow all 26 steps as your skincare regiment but you can try to include some into your existing beauty routine. The most essential factor is to find a regimen that works for you, and that you will follow. Whether that involves all the 26 steps or a simplified and condensed ritual, have fun experimenting.

Below are a few tips and tricks that can help you get that skin like milk that Asian women tend to have.

Brush Your Skin

Asian women brush their face once a day with a soft bristle brush to keep the skin toned and soft. Doing this helps prepare the skin for the serums and creams that are added afterward, and allows them to get properly absorbed.

Give Your Face A Steam Massage

When you are in the shower, give your face a massage. Use your fingers to massage your face using circular motions. You can also add tapping motions. Start on the forehead, then the cheekbones, cheeks, and work down to the jawbone. Massaging increases circulation and creates a dewy skin.

Always Double Cleanse

This step though is an absolute must. You can skip the other steps like exfoliation, adding serums or applying sheet masks (more about layering see below) depending on the needs of your skin on any day but always double cleanse. Think of all of the makeup, dirt, and residue that is sitting on your skin after a day. And maybe you work and live in a big city with more pollution. Do you want all those dirt bugs in your pillowcase?

10 Seconds Rule

Studies from Korea have shown that it is best to apply toner within 10 seconds of taking a shower or cleansing. The explanation is that after washing, the cells in the epidermis are less “clumped” together. Applying toner reinforces the hydration level so that any products you apply after is more easily absorbed.

Don’t Be Afraid To Layer

The important part in layering skincare products is the order you apply them. You apply the product going from watery to creamy so that you can seal in all the previous layers. Generally, you want to apply the products thinnest or runniest to thickest, for as many products that you want. Usually, the order is toner, essence, serum, sheet masks, eye cream, moisturizer, facial oil, suncream in the morning or sleeping mask in the night. When you apply skincare products, always include your neck and chest area.

Use Lots Of Moisturizer

Asian women don’t stint on moisturizer. They apply it on the face starting from the neck and chest area working their way up to the forehead. They don’t rub it in either; they just leave it there to be absorbed by the skin.

Listen To Your Skin

The health conditions can really be seen in the skin. Asians often deduce the overall health or the emotional state of a person by looking at the skin. It also makes complete sense why. Our skin is one of the first organs to show any signs of nutritional deficiencies or imbalances. Often, it is evident, what is going at the cellular level when we scrutinize the condition of our skin. Healthy skin is a representation of what happens inside the body and skincare is a wholistic approach.

Work Out A Sweat Everyday

It is a known fact that exercise is beneficial for your heart, lungs, and mental outlook. Here is another reason to do sports: One of the key factors to healthy skin is regular exercise. Anything that encourages healthy circulation also helps keep your skin healthy and vibrant. Exercising helps nourish skin cells and keep them vital by increasing the blood flow. Blood brings oxygen and nutrients to working cells in the entire body, including the skin. Besides supplying oxygen, blood flow also flushes away waste products, including free radicals from working cells. A bout of exercise helps carry away out debris from your body. You can think of it as cleansing your skin from the inside. Exercise has also been shown to ease stress that can easily be seen on the skin.

Let us know in the comments below if you saw any results.

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