Trends in beauty come and go faster than you can blink. A while again, everything and everyone was abuzz about glass skin, mochi skin and now it honey skin. It seems all the trends come from the east, in the case of honey skin, it’s a Korean trend.

This term even precedes glass skin and is still ongoing in Korea. It describes healthy skin, and even a naturally glowy and clear complexion. Nothing new compared to glass skin right? And you’re almost right. I think we can agree that a clear and even complexion is an ideal in many cultures.

The trend glass skin is all about a poreless and flawless complexion that is (almost) translucent just like glass. It’s not going away any time soon but with honey skin, it’s now joined by its older sister.

The key difference is texture. With glass skin, its surface must be without bumps or rough texture and appear to be lit from within with a multidimensional sheen. Honey skin focuses on healthy skin, but it doesn’t mean you can’t see any pores or flaws.

In other words, honey skin is healthy, radiant, and super plump with nourishment. It’s about well-balanced skin that’s super hydrated and well-nourished. When you look at your skin, it’s glowing with a shimmery effect but you’re not even wearing a highlighter. Skin that reminds one of honey.

Often, this is confused with oily or greasy skin, but there’s a marked difference between shine due to oil and well-nourished plump skin.

The path to honey skin

This ideal is not one that you can get in an instant or just by applying heavy-duty foundation and highlighter. It needs self-discipline because it’s the result of your lifestyle choices and a balanced diet. This includes sleeping well and regularly, eating tons of fruits and vegetables, as well as regular physical activities. And, daily dedication to the quality and overall health of your skin.

7 Rules

The steps and products used to get glass or honey skin are quite similar. In essence, you’ll want to pay attention to the needs of your skin and have a proper skincare routine.

Rule 1 – Cleansing

Start your morning routine by splashing water and rinsing away any impurities that may have settled overnight on your face.

In the evening, you want to double cleanse to make sure your skin is free from makeup, dirt, and pollutants that you were exposed to during your day.

Rule 2 – Exfoliate regularly

You’ll want to exfoliate once at most twice a week to remove excess dead skin cells. Exfoliation removes or reduces the barrier of dead skin that prevents skincare products from doing their work effectively.

Rule 3 – Don’t skip the toner

Apply your toner righter after washing your face. Try to follow the 10 seconds rule of Koreans, where they apply a toner 10 seconds after washing. This will hydrate and plump up your skin while also allowing the following products to be more readily absorbed. Don’t skip the toner, since it gives immediate and visible results.

Rule 4 – Nourishing

Follow up with an essence, serum, or ampoule that is both hydrating and nourishing.

Rule 5 – Add a layer of oil

One of the biggest secrets to getting healthy, well-nourished, and radiant skin is to add a dose of oil. Depending on which oil you choose, it will provide your skin not only with more nourishment but also with ancillary benefits, such as antioxidants.

Rule 6 – Moisturise

The most important step is to apply a moisturiser to lock in the moisture and all the goodness from earlier products.

Rule 7 – Sleeping mask

When you sleep at night is the time where your skin goes into repair mode. It’s a good idea to provide your skin with extra nutrients, emollients, and humectants during your night routine. You may want to add a sleeping mask as the final step.

Take away

When you look at how to get your skin ideal, be it glass or honey skin, it is by layering brightening and hydrating products to ensure your complexion is moist, plump, and soft to the touch. And most likely you’re already doing it.

Regardless of which ideal you want, once you are there, you’ll look happier, healthier, and more refreshed. As an added bonus, it saves you time and money because you don’t need to wear as much makeup. And it works on almost all skin types.

Do you prefer glass or honey skin? Let us know in the comments and how you achieved it.

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